Toast Party! (Plus I Have No Hair!)

How do you like my toasts?


It was a half-day at school yesterday* (well, it’s called a half-day, even though we only missed out on one period…), so I decided to make some snazzy toast for lunch!

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Toast Party!

Now… I had hair last year. LOTS of hair. And thick hair, too.

But not the really pretty type of thick hair that Gran is always reminiscing on – my hair was so thick it had no shape. And it was sooooo knotty. Like how does everyone have perfect hair all day, when I have to brush mine each period and it STILL looks awful?

Sooo, every day I tied it up. It was like my trademark look: knotty brown ponytail.

And I had these sticky-up-y bits of hair at the sides that looked like horns.

See for yourself in these photos taken in May last year:


Like what even is that??? 😮


(I know, it’s kinda funny how me and my sister are trying to look super nice but then there’s THAT; THOSE cow horns.)

Sorry for the close-up photos. 😮 😮

But I tied it up so often that it seemed reeeaally strange when I wore it down. People would be like, “Whoa! Your hair’s down!’’

But every time I wore it down, it looked terrible, and it looked like ropes of brown were attached to my head.

My mum told me I looked like a HIPPIE. Thanks for the honesty!


(Excuse the Snapchat photo-face-swap… but that face really describes how I felt about my hair!) 😥

So, on New Year’s Eve’s Eve, I decided to cut it.

I got to the hairdresser’s and showed them a picture of the style I wanted. They chopped and chopped, and it was allll gone. But it wasn’t how I wanted.

 It was almost shoulder-length, when I wanted it shorter.

And the worst part?

The hairdresser snipped off the long strands at the front so they were shorter than the rest of my hair!! 😦

 So, on New Year’s Day, my auntie (a former hairdresser) came over with her hairdressing tools.

“You know, I would’ve kept those front bits longer,” she said.

Instantly, I knew she would be GREAT in solving my hair issues.

So she snipped and snipped, and when she was done, I ran to my room, looked in the mirror and “ahhh!”

It was perfect! 🎉


But then it started growing. It started growing and growing and growing and growing and growing.

It used to sit just below my jawline – but in a month, it was almost shoulder-length.


So, I just tied it up. Juuuust like a I used to.

That Green Olive

My friends called it cute – like my ponytail was a little puffball stuck to the back of my head. They would play with it and feel it and all that. But it was still growing.

One day, I wore it down.

 Worst mistake of the week, I’ll tell you.

“Uggghhh!” I vented to my friend. “I wish I could just shave it all off!”

And a little lightbulb lit up.

Shave for a Cure is an event that takes place around New Zealand during Shave Week each year. Partakers shave their heads to raise money for leukaemia and blood cancer. Everyone gets their own “Shave Page” where they can set up their own profile for people to donate to, and that’s how the money is raised!

(If you click on the link, I’m the one in the middle of the front row with the giraffe neck)


So, I shaved my head on Monday*.

That’s right, I shaved my hair off.

(I’ve often made the mistake of saying “I shaved my head off”…ooooops) 😐

I did it with a group of others at my school. Originally there were only about 11 of us (including three teachers!) out of the 600-ish people at my school. But during the special Shave for a Cure assembly, after our heads were shaved, students from the audience just started coming up to the stage to get their heads shaved – some even got turned down because there were too many!

It was really awesome to see all these people shaving their heads for cancer, especially when a few of them had trademark hairdos to soon leave their heads!


It was a pretty awesome experience (even though my head sticks to EVERY kind of fabric like velcro and I’m really starting to feel the coldness of autumn against my head!)

Aaand, yesterday* I found my new awesomeness factor about my no-hair… I can rock this SnapChat filter and actually look like a guy! 😂


* Like I mentioned in my previous post, this post is a copy of the same one that I had posted on my previous blog; so it’s been almost four weeks since I shaved my head (and yes, it is growing back great!) – I’m just posting the same thing, you know? But you can still donate! 😀

But anyway, let’s make a toast (ba-dum cchhh) to all those who shaved their heads this year to help fundraise for this amazing cause, and also to every brave person who is going through leukaemia or blood cancer!

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Serves 2

  • 4 slices wholegrain vegan bread (I used raw sprouted grain bread)


1st Half:

  • banana slices
  • maple syrup
  • chia seeds
  • toasted buckwheat
  • borage flowers

2nd Half:

  • peanut butter
  • strawberries
  • fresh mint


1st Half:

  • non-dairy yoghurt
  • cherry tomatoes, halved
  • borage flower
  • fresh thyme

2nd Half:

  • sunflower seed butter
  • poppy seeds
  • fresh thyme sprigs


1st Half:

  • mashed avocado
  • chia seeds

2nd Half:

  • non-dairy yoghurt
  • avocado slices
  • fresh fennel fronds


1st Half:

  • sunflower seed butter
  • blueberries

2nd Half:

  • raspberry chia jam (just mash raspberries and add enough chia seeds so that it sets into a jam consistency after about 15 minutes, adding natural sweetener as desired)
  • desiccated coconut
  • borage flower
  1. Toast your bread slices to your liking.

  2. For each slice of toast, top each half (on the diagonal) with the corresponding toppings.

  3. Enjoy!

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