Welcome to That Green Olive!

I can still recall that moment, sitting on my bedroom floor as an eight-year-old, with recipe books scattered out in front of me. I really wanted to create a recipe for mini apple, cinnamon and orange desserts, and that I did! (Well, I didn’t exactly get so far as physically making them, but I wrote the recipe down, so I guess that still counts!)

That Green Olive

I looked at different cupcake recipes and combined quantities of flour, butter, sugar and eggs, and added some vanilla extract, apples, cinnamon and orange juice for some flavour. As for the turning point that made these desserts as opposed to apple-cinnamon-cupcakes-with-orange-juice; I don’t think I even made it that far. 

But I made the effort to start, and that’s what counts, right?

And that’s just what I’m doing today. Starting.


I first became ADDICTED to food blogs sometime last year. My entire phone’s memo is chock-a-block full of recipes that I have copied and pasted from my favourite food blogs!

But as for my own food blog – my Instagram page was my food blog. I started that last year too, and I’m SUPER-ECSTATIC about all the love that I’ve received on my posts!

Soooo, I thought it was about time I started an ACTUAL food blog.

My kind of food is wholesome, healthy, plant-based food. I developed a strong love for vegan food last year, and ever since, it has continued to constantly intrigue me! I just LOOOVE the idea of using healthy, natural ingredients to create absolutely delicious food!

Aaaand, I do get carried away sometimes. I mean, I created a savoury stuffed bliss ball curry the other week, for goodness’ sake! But hey, I got some mixed reviews on Instagram, and at least most of them were positive!


Now, you may remember me over at Wix, but I’ve decided to switch to WordPress because as awesome as Wix has been, there are some limitations which WordPress doesn’t have. 

So now, I need to understand how the heck to do all this technical website-stuff…. but hey, I’ll get there. Just like I said before – I’m starting and that’s what counts, right?

Right… :/


But aaaanywaayyy, thank you very much, if you’ve read this far (I know, I’m probably boring you with all this jargon that my mind has whipped up and decided to share with you)! I’m REALLY looking forward to posting heaps of yummy, plant-powered recipes for you to enjoy! And if you have any comments or recipe suggestions, please comment below!

Much love, Olivia (AKA That Green Olive)

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